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Antoine helps companies navigate hyper-growth and maintain a high-performance culture at scale.

He focuses specifically on how to create and maintain strategic clarity, develop teams with an outcome-driven and customer-centric mindset, and make deliberate organizational design choices that shape the culture and promote effective collaboration at scale.


His insights come from years of experience and practical research as a leader within the Global Strategy Group at Samsung in South Korea, and as the Director of Strategy at Riot Games during the hyper-growth phase.


He then conducted in-depth research into some of the most inspiring organizations in the world that successfully challenged traditional models to design operating systems aligned with their values, business context, and leadership philosophies.


Such companies include Haier, SuperCell, Favi, Netflix, Buurtzorg, Pixar, Morningstar, Spotify, Handelsbanken, etc.

He also writes and speaks about business strategy, leadership development, and organizational design with a focus on how to scale culture, and foster a high trust environment to boost creativity, engagement, and performance.

Antoine received a degree in General Engineering from the Ecole Centrale de Lille in France and an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

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